The Office Bitch - The Unstoppable Cum

by Picklejuice

01: Subject young male. Appears to be under C.I.A immediately, before the change.
02: After finishing, first changes: ears fullly furred, longer and pointed. Subjects penis larger and scrotal area covered in fur. Subject continues to cum.

03: Subject distressed, holding shirt up, exposing brand new thickly furred treasure trail leading from still fully erect penis on up. Ears fully formed into animal ears. Small horns growing on forehead. Fur spreading down thighs. Cum still shoots from subject's penis. It's not stopping.
04: Subject removes pants and shoes. Toes fuse and rip out of socks, and fur grows along the ankles. Still Cumming.

05: Subject is slightly larger and more muscled. Hair is longer, and hands have become hoofhands. Much thicker body hair on arms, thighs, and chest. Subject's tail has begun to form just above anus, at base of subject's spine.
06: Muscles larger and armpit hair thicker. Tail fully forms. Fur grows up past knees. Penis still a hose with that cum.
07: Horns longer, face pushing out in a goat's muzzle. Treasure trail fully furred and thick. Possible end to Cumming.
08: Explosion of Cum. Subject's body swells with huge muscles all over, and thick curly beard forms. Subject much larger and more masculine.

09 Transformation complete. Subject is an animalistic satyr. Huge, broad sholdered, with thick bodyhair over chest, back, and arms. Thickly furred treasure trail and fully furred balls and legs. Hooved feet, hoof hands, goat ears, goat muzzle, and long goat horns.

Additional notes:

Two weeks later.

Subject's name is Jeremy McDonald. While handling Mr. McDonald immediately after the end of the transformation, a Lab tech, Mrs. French, came into contact with some of Mr. McDonald's ejaculate. She became immediately enamored by Mr. McDonald and proceeded to try having sex with him. We were unable to stop them before copulation.

Jeremy's body magically continues to produce cum, but is the first success after a long line of failures to retain their mind. Mostly. Change Induced Arousal syndrome is definitely present, but is tempered by a version of the subject's personality. Confident, aggressive, positive, and absolutely horny, wanting nothing but to fuck.

Transforming the subject back is on schedule and appears to be working. His ears are 2 inches shorter.

We understand the frustration our bosses have endured and appreciate their patience. We believe that we're on the right track now, and we will one day have a viable solution.

Three months later:

After "escaping" our facility, we tracked Mrs. French back to her parents. Despite having a doctorate in biotechnology and genetics, she remains blissfully unaware of our agents monitoring her. The baby appears to be a normal human fetus. We reccommend cancelling the monitoring to focus those agents on our Office Bitch program.

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